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(Adams-Larsen Inc. and Associates)



He was the man she never thought she could have.

Ben is the super-hot man that she dreams about.

Layla’s an awkward, nerdy, later-in-life college student by night who works with her father as a private investigator by day.

Afternoons where she can study at the coffee shop and catch a glimpse of Ben are the highlight of her days.

Until one day, Ben asks her out.

Now she’s falling in love with the man of her dreams, but her father will never approve. They’re from different worlds, but their hearts don’t seem to care.

Except one of her father’s jobs has turned a lot more dangerous. And Layla can’t help but feel like someone is watching her.

Loved Layla and Ben!
—Amazon reader
—Amazon reader


Book One

Stalked: Opposites attract, unfortunately.

Rule follower, Federal US Deputy Marshal Alex Saunders has been assigned to protect a federal judge after the judge receives death threats. This detail is standard until the judge insists on his son’s PR firm provide backup security, which isn’t even in the rule book. But because Alex is already in hot water, he follows orders to keep the judge happy.

Rule breaker, and former CIA analyst, Kita Ferguson reluctantly agrees to go undercover, posing as the judge’s aide slash girlfriend, but in return she expects her boss at ALIAS to help her protect an abused woman and her nieces even though technically keeping the children from their father is against the law.

From the very start, Alex and Kita disagree about everything. But their sizzling attraction continues to grow as the threats against the judge escalate and put them all in danger. Can these two opposites find enough common ground outside the bedroom, or will their diverse philosophies result in disaster?

So full of action and suspense that you don’t want it to end.
—Obsessed Book Reviews
An excellent read. It provides a balance of suspense, romance and action that keeps the story moving. I couldn’t put it down.
—Goodreads reader
I will be stalking this author’s books from now on.
—Amazon reader


Book Two

There’s only one thing worse than seeing your unrequited crush every day at the office…and that’s getting trapped with him in a snowy mountain cabin.

Maria Torres has been through hell and back. A former kidnapping victim, she’s used to being famous for all the wrong reasons and having people handle her with kid gloves. And it seems that the man of her dreams, Dwayne Lameko, is no different.

So when an ALIAS client requests her presence on an op, Maria believes she’s ready to spread her wings and prove all her co-workers wrong…especially Dwayne. But when danger follows them into the wilderness, Maria has no choice but to prove to herself and Dwayne that she’s strong enough to handle anything…even his love.

Maria Torres was first introduced in the Family Stone series, Still the One. She finally gets her happily ever after.

What a fantastic book.
—Amazon reader
This book had me sucked in right from the start.
—Amazon reader


Book Three

He’ll do anything to find his brother’s killer….

His final opportunity…

On an unsanctioned mission, Scottish NCA officer Hamish Ballard tracks his brother’s killer across the ocean…until he hits a dead end at Adams-Larsen Inc and Associates, a supposed PR company. Owner Jillian Larsen knows more than she admits, and he’ll do anything to uncover her secrets, even fake an interest her. He’s got one week to complete his goal. But his attraction is all too real and using her when she was just a name in a report was easy, but now he’s falling hard for his foe.

Her first responsibility…

Jillian Larsen’s purpose in life is helping people who are in jeopardy disappear and she has never betrayed a client. When a Scottish hottie accuses her company of hiding a criminal, she has no intention of revealing her client’s whereabouts or giving in to her inconvenient attraction for the sexy pain in her ass. But what does she do if the woman she relocated turns out to be a criminal? When her business partner vanishes along with their complicit client, can she use Hamish to track them down without risking her heart?

Their only chance…

He needs her resources. She needs his intelligence. Working together is the only logical choice, but it means jeopardizing everything.

Danger, romance, intrigue, mystery and twists and turns that you don’t see coming.
—Goodreads reader
Interesting plot and fantastic characters, great emotion and loads of steam!
—Goodreads reader
Perfect balance of intensity, action-adventure, mystery and steamy romance.
—Goodreads reader


Book Four

He’s done rescuing people. She doesn’t want to be rescued. They’re both about to be disappointed.

The next installment in the ALIAS world features disgraced partner Marsh Adams seeking redemption. Aisha Brown is an up and coming artist with a huge problem. This reverse heist, bodyguard for a woman in peril romance features a strong family theme.


Book Five

Ever since his parents disowned him, Viktor Kuznets has been searching for a place to belong. He thought he found his family with his co-workers at ALIAS, a private witness protection firm, but when his error endangers his friends, he’ll do anything to restore their faith in him.

When a mysterious government agent enlists him to get compromising information on Sasha Loblaw in exchange for protecting ALIAS, he agrees. Officially, Sasha Loblaw is the head of security for the Russian Embassy in Washington and rumored to be the highest-ranking FSB officer in the US. Unofficially, he’s a suspected assassin. He’s also the hottest man Viktor has ever encountered.

When Viktor arranges to run into Sasha, their attraction is immediate and intense. He wakes up the next morning in bed with Sasha and no memory of how he got there. He believes Sasha drugged him. Sasha accuses Viktor of the same.

As they reluctantly dance around their forbidden attraction, casualties begin to pile up. Viktor and Sasha need to work together to unearth who is targeting them and why…before they both end up dead.

Would these two ever have a chance at a life together? Sounds impossible. Lives in danger. Spies. Deaths. A bomb. Who dies? Wow.
—Goodreads reader
Love this book and this amazing series.
—Amazon reader


Book Six

Now available!

His unforgettable one-night stand works for his company.

Jake Brown works for the security branch of ALIAS with a job title no one knows and a client list kept under lock and key. In his position, when everything he does is supposed to be a secret, it’s difficult to have an honest relationship. He never thought he’d see Zara again, until he discovers she works for ALIAS too.

Her unforgettable one-night stand is standing in her office.

Zara Cooper is the new manager of ALIAS’s PR branch. She might not commit to anything more than a one-night stand in her love life,, but no one can say she’s not married to her job–and she just landed her dream client, a renowned philanthropist and tech billionaire with political ambitions.

When her dream client turns out to be a nightmare, Zara doesn’t know where to turn.
Jake is the only one she trusts to keep her safe, even if she doesn’t trust him with her heart. He’s keeping secrets…but so is she.

Jake never forgot the way she feels beneath him. He’ll do anything to protect her, even if it costs him everything.

This box set includes the first three books in the ALIAS series: Stalked, Hunted, and Vanished

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