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Family Stone Boxed Set…Cover Reveal!

So the box set of the Family Stone novellas is coming soon!! Along with a bonus short story featuring Shane Washington and Keisha Johnson. Love these two. 🙂 Below is the cover for the box set which will also be available in trade paperback in mid-March! 🙂

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How do writers come up with our ideas?

Hello reader peeps! Blowback, the first book in my spy romance series, the Black Cipher Files is FREE at all retailers right now. I loved writing this book. (Think Jason Bourne if Jason was a woman and enjoyed sexy times) Jamie Hunt is an agent for a fictional branch...

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What’s your biggest regret?

His Semi-Charmed Life is all about regrets and second chances. But perhaps not in the way you're thinking, since this is a romance. This goes back farther, back to when Diego Ramos and Penny Hastings were kids at a summer camp. One conversation changed both their...

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