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A little Christmas prezzie for you <3

Dec 8, 2020 | Uncategorized

Hope you are doing well, or at least, safe and healthy. What a freaking year.

As a quick thank you, Saved, my ALIAS Christmas book is FREE until December 31st.

Grab a copy quick!

Dr. Mila Patel’s life is complicated enough and the last thing she needs is a boyfriend. But when she’s got a chance to see US Marshal Shep Gaffney again, she can’t resist. He’s arrogant and sexy and annoying, but she’s still attracted to him. Shep doesn’t get shut down very often. After their first meeting, he’s been unable to get the sexy doctor out of his mind.

A worrisome text sends Mila to a dangerous alley. Shep is determined to go along and protect her. But neither expects what happens next….

Here’s a quick little holiday romance featuring characters from the first ALIAS book, Stalked. Dr. Sharmila Patel and US Marshal Sheppard Gaffney get their HEA after a rocky start. Happy holidays and happy reading! <3 Lisa

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